The Perfect Noise Reduction Solution For Carpets

Noise can become a big issue for many properties with high foot traffic. Commercial and residential spaces can both benefit from noise reduction carpet products. Products like carpet padding not only provide a solution for noise but they also extend the life of the carpet.

Carpet padding is installed underneath the carpet, while the padding is not visible, it plays an important role in the longevity of your floors. Carpet padding absorbs the day to day wear and tear that your carpet receives, while keeping your carpet from wearing down in high traffic areas.

A quality carpet pad that is installed under a new carpet will bring many benefits. It will make the carpet more comfortable, softer and of course it will insulate the rooms and reduce noise.

There are a lot of different types of padding options to choose from. Leggett & Platt carries a large variety of carpet padding for your needs.


Leggett & Platt Top In-Stock Items



Validator™ carpet cushion is a quality option for placing underneath residential carpet. It is designed with bonded foam to extend carpet life while making it more comfortable and reducing noise.


leggett & platt synthex

Syntex™ carpet cushion is designed with hypoallergenic synthetic fiber padding to extend the life of residential carpet. It also works to reduce noise while increasing insulation and comfort underfoot.

Syntex 20′ 6′ & 12′

Syntex 24 6′ & 12′

Syntex 32 6′ & 12′

Syntex 40′ 6′ & 12′

Chief 7/16 

All Leggett & Platt products are available at W.J. Grosvenor & Co., Inc. All products not listed are available for order.

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