A New Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Has Arrived Ultrabond ECO 373

With the continued focus on the luxury vinyl market, it was just a matter of time before adhesive manufacturers started introducing adhesives for this growing segment.

Existing product offerings such as wet sets and adhesives with short installation windows, limited installers on how much flooring could be put down in a day.  We are now seeing a new generation of adhesives that allow the contractors to spread adhesive in the morning and install on it for the balance of the day.  The better adhesives for LVT and LVP are now pressure sensitive.  The chemistries are similar to carpet tile adhesives, in that they remain in a pressure sensitive state.

New Pressure Sensitive Adhesive:


Mapei introduced a new pressure sensitive adhesive that can be used for both LVT and LVP.  Through lab and field testing they determined that in addition to luxury vinyl applications, Ultrabond ECO 373 was a good choice for vinyl enhanced tile, quartz tile, bio-based tile, fiberglass reinforced vinyl sheet, solid vinyl sheet, re-ground rubber underlayment, cork underlayment and both vinyl and polyolefin backed carpet tiles.  In addition to the various recommended trowel notches, a ¼” nap roller can be used for carpet tiles and fiberglass reinforced sheet vinyl.  373 is acrylic based, has a VOC content of less than 10 grams per liter; and will handle up to 90% RH.  Working time is twelve (12) hours.

Uses and Limitations:

The uses extend from residential through institutional (hospitals, schools, etc.).  Limitations include installations of luxury vinyl in areas subject to high heat or direct sunlight; installation of luxury vinyl with known dimensional stability issues; and applying their adhesive over any adhesive residue (including cutback).  This adhesive is for use in approved interior applications only.

Lastly, you should always protect your floor from light foot traffic for at least twelve (12) hours and from heavy traffic for at least twenty-four (24) hours.

About the Author:
Ron has over forty-five years of experience in the industry, including Concrete Restoration, Resinous floors, Surface prep, Floor Covering, Tile & Stone and more.

Certifications & Affiliations include:
o CTC registered with the Ceramic Tile Institute of America
o AIA Registered presenter for over 35 Continuing Education Seminars
o Twenty year member of CSI
o Past member of ICRI


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