Holiday Special – Futura Metal

Our most anticipated Holiday sale is officially here. A large selection of metal is now on sale.
Save 15% off Regular priced metal when you make a purchase per foot.
Save 25% off Regular priced metal when you purchase a tube.
Our Futura Metal special includes everything from Carpet Metal Trims, Tile Trims and Vinyl Trims.

Futura Tile Trim Profiles

“Protecting your flooring has never been so beautiful. Futura designer Tile Trim Profiles offer durable protection from everyday living. Each profile provides a handsome barrier against tile chipping, cracking and breaking as well as premature grout-wear. And, with a wide selection, Futura Tile Trim Profiles will enhance any décor. Beautify and protect your investment with Futura Tile Trim Profiles.”   Catalog

• Tapdown Metal (3 Colors)
• Binder Bar Metal (6 Colors)
• Pin Track Metal
• Pinless Track Metal
• Stair Nosing (3 Colors)
Sale Ends 12/31/16



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