The Surface Shields Big 3 Promo is now at W.J. Grosvenor & Co., Inc.

3 products on SALE now, Builder Board, Ultrastik & Carpet Shield.

Offer valid until 11/18/16.

Sale available at all 10 branches.


Powerhold Builder Board™

Hard surface protection has never been easier. Choose the most durable paperboard on the market—Builder Board™ replaces the need for large, bulky sheets of masonite and rolls out at. It’s 100% Breathable, spill resistant and recyclable!

38in x 100ft Builder Board™ Heavy Duty Paperboard
Reg: $48.44 / Sale: $43.95



Powerhold Ultrastik™

Carpeting, trim & transitions: the double-sided tape that has completely changed the industry is here—Ultrastik™ is a scrim reinforced acrylic tape, ideal for applying base trim, mounting vinyl, plastic, wood molding & more.

1in x 164ft Ultrastik™ double sided tape roll
Reg: $10.92 / Sale: $9.95

1.5in x 164ft Ultrastik™ double sided tape roll
Reg: $13.98 / Sale: $12.95

3.5in x 164ft Ultrastik™ double sided tape roll
Reg: $32.42 / Sale: $28.95

Ultrastik™ Kit 1.5in x 164ft and 9.5in x 16ft rolls
Reg: $117.39 / Sale: $104.95


Powerhold Carpet Shield™

Protect carpeting with industry leading Carpet Shield®— Carpet protection lm that keeps oors clean and damage free while building, remodeling or painting. This self-adhering lm does not shift and is highly resistant to tears.

36in x 250ft Carpet Shield® Self-Adhesive Film
Reg: $56.25 / Sale: $50.95